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Whistleblower Single Issue - November 2007

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"Roller coaster" – that's the best way to describe the U.S. economy these days.

Housing prices plummet after reaching dizzying heights. The stock market skyrockets to a record high, only to crash 1,000 points days later. The U.S. dollar loses more value every day against foreign currencies, while gold hits a 27-year high.

And while the federal government insists inflation is almost nonexistent, life's essentials like food and gas seem to cost so much more. It doesn't make sense.

Meanwhile, everyone is wondering: "Is America heading into a recession, how will that affect me and my loved ones and how can I protect myself?"

The future of the U.S. economy is the focus of the November Whistleblower, titled "HOW GLOBALISM IS DESTROYING THE U.S. ECONOMY."

"We've put together a Whistleblower issue that answers – in crystal clear, nontechnical language – the most important questions everyone needs answered about the economy and what's likely down the road," said WND and Whistleblower managing editor David Kupelian.

In this special issue, all of the articles take the form of answers to crucial issues, including:

  • "If inflation is so low, how come food and energy cost so much?"

  • "What is the 'housing bubble,' and why did it burst?"

  • "What's really going on with the stock market?"

  • "How big is the federal deficit, really?"

  • "Is America heading into a recession?"

  • "Will the dollar collapse in 2008?"

  • "What will happen to the price of gold?"

  • "How real is the prospect of the North American Union and the amero?"

  • "Why do U.S. jobs move overseas?"

  • "What should we do about China's unfair trade practices?"

  • "Why are Arab countries trying to buy up vital U.S. assets?"

  • "What has the Fed done to Americans?"

  • "Did the Federal Reserve cause the Great Depression?"

  • "Why does government steal from its citizens?"

  • and much more.

"If you're tired of gobbledygook from economic analysts who leave you confused and unsettled, this issue of Whistleblower will be a refreshing and very valuable change," says WND founder and editor Joseph Farah. "It's essential information for unstable economic times like these."

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