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Whistleblower Single Issue - May 2013

THE SHELL OF DENIAL BREAKS: How one high-profile criminal case threatens the entire abortion industry

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For most Americans, the death of a child is the most tragic event imaginable. Sandy Hook was so gut-wrenching because the victims were mostly young children, and news reports about the Boston Marathon bombing emphasize the fact that one of those killed was an 8-year-old boy – to highlight the uniquely great loss of a child.

One of the most hard-to-fathom crimes is baby-murder. Recent headlines like “Georgia boys face murder charges after cold-blooded killing of infant being strolled by mother” and “Black teens murder white baby for the fun of it” cause us to shake our heads and wonder, How could anyone possibly sink so low as to kill a baby?

Appalling crimes like these have always have been a part of life in a fallen world, where moral outrage is kindled within all good souls by the murder of the innocent.

But parallel to this moral, rational world exists another world – an amoral, irrational one, constructed over several decades with great effort and cleverness. It’s called, variously, “abortion,” “choice,” “women’s health” and “reproductive freedom” – all euphemisms designed to obscure a dark reality.

In this strange parallel world, the same killing of a baby that in the real world outrages us and results in prosecution, prison and possibly the death penalty is mysteriously transformed into a “medical procedure” and “constitutional right,” provided for and fiercely defended by a multi-billion-dollar industry. And funded by taxpayers.

These two worlds collided in the high-profile, multiple-murder trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell. And when worlds collide, spectacular and utterly unexpected things sometimes occur.

The shocking and groundbreaking May Whistleblower issue – titled “THE SHELL OF DENIAL BREAKS: How one high-profile criminal case threatens the entire abortion industry” – documents conclusively that the unspeakable crimes committed by Kermit Gosnell are not the exception. They are the rule. They occur routinely in abortion clinics all over America and have for decades. The magnitude of this breaking scandal is incalculable and promises to change the abortion issue forever.

Highlights of “THE SHELL OF DENIAL BREAKS” include:

  • “When worlds collide” by David Kupelian, on how one gruesome criminal case really does threaten – legally, politically and culturally – the entire abortion industry

  • “Gosnell isn't an exception” by Star Parker, who shows how and why the horrors of the Philadelphia abortion doctor all too common

  • “When doctors kill babies” – a breathtaking survey of just how widespread infanticide, gross medical malpractice and sexual abuse of patients are in America’s abortion clinics

  • “Why prosecutors fear the abortion industry” by Jack Cashill, on the ongoing efforts to persecute and destroy a courageous, pro-life district attorney

  • “Eric Holder linked to notorious abortion doctor” – a scandal at the very top sheds light on why the Justice Department is so biased in favor of abortion and against pro-lifers

  • “The shocking real reason Obama "can’t comment" on Gosnell” by Jill Stanek, on just how shockingly pro-abortion the president of the United States truly is

  • “Obama to Planned Parenthood: I’m ‘fighting’ for you ‘every step of the way’”

  • “Sarah Palin rebukes ‘radically pro-abortion’ Obama”

  • “Blood confessions: 8 doctors, nurses, staffers reveal the astonishing truth about the abortion business” by David Kupelian – literally a guided tour through hell on earth

  • “Abortion: Obama leftists' holy grail” by David Limbaugh, on why liberals “sacred ritual” cannot be criticized or exposed

  • “How abortion has changed America” by Star Parker, who explains why, since Roe v. Wade, Americans’ “reverence for life itself” has disappeared

  • “It's all about to hit the fan” by Joseph Farah, who explains why “politics as usual” cannot save America from disaster – and identifies the only thing that can.

“This issue of Whistleblower is one of the most powerful and compelling we’ve ever produced,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “It’s more than a piece of journalism, more than a collection of information. It's a lethal weapon – capable of annihilating illusions in readers’ minds about America’s deceitful, barbaric and often-criminal abortion industry. Give a copy to your 'pro-choice' friends and see what happens.”

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