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Whistleblower Single Issue - December 2012

THE AMERICAN TRIBULATION: Can the greatest nation in history survive 4 more years of Obama?

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Unthinkable. A cataclysmic disaster. The end of America as we know it.

That pretty much sums up how millions of Americans regard the re-election of Barack Obama.

Already, the White House website displays petitions from all 50 states bearing the names of hundreds of thousands of distraught citizens demanding their state secede from the union. States likewise are targeting the Obama administration with a major nullification movement. Meanwhile, Republicans engage in media blame-fests, denouncing each other for their devastating failure Nov. 6, while liberal pundits – pretending to offer them helpful advice – counsel Republicans to abandon their core values and move further to the left to gain more voters.

But amidst all of this sound and fury, the big question remains: What do the tens of millions of Americans – those who see Obama’s re-election as the national catastrophe it really is – do now? With four more years of the Obama juggernaut, with government still spending amounts of money only physicists can comprehend, with an average of 68 new regulations being imposed on Americans every single day, with devastating economic meltdown imminent and the world daily becoming a far more dangerous place because of the U.S. president's scandalous failure of leadership, what can and should right-thinking people do now?

This difficult question is dealt with forthrightly and comprehensively in the December issue of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE AMERICAN TRIBULATION: Can the greatest nation in history survive 4 more years of Obama?”

“This was a challenging issue to put together,” said Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian. “We didn’t want to sugar-coat the harsh reality of what has happened, but neither is it cause for good people to fall prey to hopelessness, anger or depression, nor to give up or drop out. Quite the opposite. This issue presents a totally realistic assessment of where we are now, but shows, almost paradoxically, how there is real hope and a definite way forward.

“‘THE AMERICAN TRIBULATION’ provides real direction and inspiration for readers who desire to preserve the America in which they grew up.”

Highlights of “THE AMERICAN TRIBULATION” include:

  • “Tribulation and redemption in Obama’s America,” by David Kupelian, on the secret to preserving the nation Lincoln called “the last, best hope of earth”

  • “The real lesson of the election” by Jack Cashill, on how to counter Democrats’ astonishing level of vote harvesting in future elections

  • “The GOP: Beat by fibs and fear” by David Limbaugh, who says Republicans must fight propaganda, deceit and slander – not abandon their principles

  • “A call for courage” – in which two top foreign journalists, Israeli’s Caroline Glick and the UK’s Melanie Phillips, agree that “with the re-election of Obama, America now threatens to lead the West into a terrifying darkness”

  • “America follows ancient Israel's path” by Joseph Farah, who writes, “Do you want to know where America is today in historical and biblical terms? It’s where ancient Israel was before being destroyed by God.”

  • “How to get the country back” – in which radio giant Rush Limbaugh fingers the real problem – and the real solution – to reclaiming America

  • “A Reagan Renaissance” by Ralph Benko, on why ending what he calls the “Karl Rove death grip” will allow a spectacular revival of the Republican Party

  • “God will not be mocked” by Matt Barber, a biblical and thought-provoking view of what America actually did on November 6

  • “GOP: Talk more values, not less” by Star Parker, who explains why, in order to survive, Republicans must address America’s nationwide “crisis in character”

  • “Rebrand the political parties” by Phyllis Schlafly, who argues that grass-roots Republicans, conservatives and tea partiers must take control away from the establishment GOP

  • “The GOP's nice losers” by Thomas Sowell, on the perils of being polite, pleasant and agreeable – at the expense of truth

  • “Could we at least try selling our ideas?” by David Limbaugh, who suggests that instead of giving up, “how about we pick ourselves up and show we believe in the power” of truth?

  • “A Christian response to Obama’s victory” by Joel Richardson, who reassures readers that despite today’s “complete catastrophe,” a “day of justice” is coming for corrupt leaders

  • “Ron Paul’s final warning” – U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas gave a historic farewell message in the House of Representatives, arguing passionately that unless America wakes up, its future is “corporatism and even fascism.” Here is his speech in its entirety.

  • “Embracing the challenge ahead” by Art Robinson, Ph.D., in which the acclaimed scientist and congressional candidate speculates on what Thomas Paine would say were he here in America today – and why and how right-thinking Americans will go forward and eventually reclaim their country.

“We’re in a turning point in our history,” said Kupelian. “To many, it seems that we may have, at long last, lost our country.”

“And yet,” he added, “there is real hope. ‘THE AMERICAN TRIBULATION’ delves into this most crucial and vexing issue of our time and provides powerful insight, inspiration, strategy and straight-talk about what good Americans need to do to survive, thrive and eventually take their country back.”

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