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Whistleblower Single Issue - August 2012

ROB THE VOTE: Obama’s secret strategy for staying in power

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The Obama administration is widely regarded as the most lawless in U.S. history. This much you already know.

Not enough votes to pass Obamacare? Bribe senators. Don’t like the Defense of Marriage law? Refuse to defend it in court. Congress won’t pass the “Dream Act” granting amnesty to a million illegals? Do it yourself by executive fiat. Don’t want to defend America’s borders? Sue states that do. Don’t like congressional inquiries? Ignore their subpoenas.

Obama’s violations are so blatant and manifold that nine states have joined together to sue the federal government for its rampant lawlessness.

So, now comes election time – and guess what the Obama administration’s approach is to America's most sacred and fundamental civic institution.

Right: Utter lawlessness. The actions and intentions of Team Obama, if distilled into words, would be this: To hell with "the law." We’re using every means possible to retain power and establish a permanent progressive voting majority in this country.

Incredibly, in today’s America, voter fraud has become an essential component of how Democrats win elections. This largely unreported national scandal is laid out with jaw-dropping clarity in the August issue of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine – titled “ROB THE VOTE: Obama’s secret strategy for staying in power.”

As “ROB THE VOTE” documents, Obama’s reelection strategy – besides bribing his core constituencies in hopes of cobbling together a winning voting coalition – is to encourage, enable and empower widespread abuse of America’s election system in a multiplicity of ways.

After all, non-citizens, illegal aliens, felons, multiple-state voters, dead people and other ineligible voters constitute a vital Obama constituency. And make no mistake, the left’s get-out-the-illegal-vote campaign is in full swing.

Highlighted in one “ROB THE VOTE” report is the most disgraceful of all abuses of America’s election system – the consistent suppression, disqualification and mishandling of votes cast by America’s soldiers (who statistically lean Republican) who are deployed overseas while protecting their nation. Believe it or not, for the November 2010 midterm election, less than 5 percent of military voters “were able to cast an absentee ballot that counted,” according to data released by the federal Election Assistance Commission.

In another in-depth report in this issue, researcher James Simpson sums up the left’s campaign to corrupt America’s election system thusly: “Like a KGB operation, it is thorough, multifaceted and redundant. It has overt and covert, illegal and legal elements, the latter of which are designed, at least in part, to facilitate illegal activities later. It is a deliberate, premeditated, comprehensive plan to win the 2012 presidential election at all costs, and is in keeping with the organizational methods, associations and ethics of the community-organizer-in-chief, Barack Obama.”

Highlights of “ROB THE VOTE” include:

  • “The election fraud lobby” by Joseph Farah, on today’s vast network obsessed with winning “by any means necessary”

  • “Rob the vote” by David Kupelian, on Obama's little-known plans for winning a second term in the White House

  • “Suppressing the military vote – again” by Art Moore, on how America’s soldiers are routinely denied the right the vote

  • “Less than 5 percent of military voters ‘were able to cast an absentee ballot that counted’”

  • “The left’s national vote fraud strategy exposed” by James Simpson, a comprehensive look at the long-term, multi-faceted campaign aimed at taking over America by corrupting her elections

  • “Surprise! Taxpayers still paying for ‘defunct’ criminal vote-fraud group”

  • “Study: U.S. voter rolls include 2 million dead people”

  • “Proof of voter fraud in nation’s capital” by Chuck Norris, on videos that show why Obama depends on mind-boggling laxity at polling places

  • Obama readying ‘thousands of lawyers’ for November election

  • “The Democrats' election forgery racket” by Michelle Malkin

  • “Getting out the illegal alien vote” by Art Moore, on Arizonans' battle with the Obama administration to uphold federal immigration law

  • “DOJ tries to stop Florida from purging voter list of non-citizens”

  • “Has Obama turned over vote-counting to foreigners?” – profiling how a Spain-based firm's purchase of one U.S. company is raising lots of red flags

  • “National campaign solicits foreigners to register to vote” by Michael Carl

  • “Thousands of fraud cases just 'tip of the iceberg'” by Bob Unruh, in which election monitors warn that current abuse could lead to a “total breakdown in cohesion of American society”

  • “Obama's new scheme for stuffing ballot boxes” by former congressman Tom Tancredo, on how Eric Holder plans to “fundamentally transform” America’s elections

  • “NAACP asks U.N. to judge American voter-ID laws” – about how communist and Muslim nations are being asked to assess U.S. fairness

  • “Democrats treat minorities like imbeciles” by Phil Elmore, exposing the absolute insanity of opposing photo-ID voting requirement

  • “The absurd myth of ‘GOP voter suppression’” by Hans von Spakovsky, on how widespread propaganda denies the existence of voter fraud, despite massive evidence

  • “Rolling Stone magazine: Voter fraud is a right-wing myth”

  • “Please – photo ID me!” by Star Parker, on why restoring integrity to America’s elections is a matter of freedom instead of slavery

  • “Dead dogs for Obama” by Roger Hedgecock, who points out that it’s not just deceased humans that are being targeted by ‘get-out-the-vote’ groups.

“Don’t read this issue of Whistleblower if you have high blood pressure,” said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. “What leftist activists are doing with the aid of the Obama Justice Department is beyond outrageous."

He added: "They must be stopped from totally corrupting America's electoral system. There's really no more important or consequential battle in our country today.”

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