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Armed Response: Complete Training Bundle (5 DVD Set + Book)

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This is the complete package of 5 handgun training DVDs from David Kenik and Ralph Mroz:

  • Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting
  • Tactics and Techniques for Defensive Shooting
  • Dynamic Drills for Defensive Shooting
  • Responsible Use of Lethal Force
  • Shoot/No-Shoot Scenarios

If you carry a handgun or keep one at the ready for self-defense purposes, this set of training videos is essential.

You will learn: how to operate your gun under likely self-defense scenarios, how to conduct yourself and interact with bystanders and aggressors, how to train for the types of skills you will need in real life (which can be quite different than at the range), as well as the legal considerations that YOU MUST understand before ever using a gun in self-defense.

Apart from in-person training, knowledge of the relevant laws in your jurisdiction, a supply of ammunition and a basic understanding of firearms safety, this set of training materials is the most important resource you should have as a gun owner.

Book Description

There's more to responsible and effective gun ownership than possession – more than a few trips to the local gun range. Although important, these things are about the "hardware." As Massad Ayoob explains in the foreword, one must be aware of the "software" – meaning the mindset behind owning and carrying a gun.

"Armed Response" is a comprehensive guide for using firearms for defense before, during and after a life-threatening assault. From learning what to ask yourself before deciding to carrying a gun, how to choose a gun that’s right for you, what to look for in holsters, how to carry a concealed gun, proper training techniques and the legal issues and implications of using of lethal force, "Armed Response" is, by far, the most complete resource available.

This book is the culmination of hard-learned experience and instruction from internationally recognized use-of-force instructors. These are valuable real-life lessons about preparing to face a lethal threat, winning a gunfight and surviving the ensuing court battle that cannot be found outside of expensive tactical schools.

"Armed Response" is organized into succinct, compact-sized chapters that can be quickly and easily read. A few of the chapters include:

  • The Need for Empty Hand Skills
  • Responsible Use of Lethal Force
  • Beyond the Basics of Gun Handling
  • Revolvers Versus Semi-Automatics and Handgun Selection
  • Concealed Carry and Alternative Carry Concepts
  • Ammunition Options and Stopping Power
  • Consequences of a Shooting
  • Rules for a Gunfight


"'Armed Response' is a must-read for every gun owner." - Alan Gottlieb, founder, Second Amendment Foundation

"This book is written for those who have taken upon themselves the ultimate responsibility, the protection of the ones we love." - Gun Week

"An excellent starting text for the first-time gun-owner or the citizen just beginning to explore armed self-defense." - Massad Ayoob, Director, Lethal Force Institute

"Defending the family against a terrorist or criminal is not the same as shooting a paper target, thus firearm enthusiasts need direction if they are to be successful at their defensive goals. They will set off on the right track and find everything they need in this book. I recommend it highly." - Gabe Suarez, internationally recognized authority on reality-based combat training

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  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Merril Press; Com edition (May 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0936783451
  • ISBN-13: 978-0936783451
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