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The Monstrous Regiment of Women (DVD)

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Feminists tell women not to submit to a husband, to avoid having children, to listen to their “inner voice” and to chase a career to find true fulfillment. This twisted and irrational teaching has led to disaster for American women, leading many into a frustrating, isolated existence. This film calls today’s women back to a life filled with joy and beauty that can be found only by following God’s Word.

This film takes its title from a famous tract by 16th-century reformer John Knox, “The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.” That tract was written to oppose a notorious European female tyrant who sought to stamp out biblical Christianity in Knox's beloved Scotland. Today, we must likewise apply Knox's biblical perspective against those who rule in the wake of this monstrous queen. That group of rulers, as Gunn's film reveals, far surpasses the queen's iniquities in both kind and degree.

This fascinating documentary features:

  • Sharon Adams – historian, Edinburgh University
  • Jennie Chancey – Ladies Against Feminism
  • Jane Doe – military cadet
  • Carol Everett – former abortion provider
  • Dana Feliciano – homemaker
  • Carmon Friedrich – writer, Buried Treasure Books
  • F. Carolyn Graglia – author, “Domestic Tranquility”
  • Rosalind Marshall – John Knox biographer
  • Stacey McDonald – author, “Raising Maidens of Virtue”
  • Phyllis Schlafly – Eagle Forum
  • Denise Sproul – homemaker
  • Kathleen Smith – homemaker

The content in this documentary is mature and handled with sobriety, but audience discretion is advised as it includes images of aborted babies and discussion of Planned Parenthood agendas, including sexual activity.

Customer Reviews


“Well, if you are a feminist (even just a teeny bit of one) be forewarned that you will need to hang onto your hat for watching this one :) But, it's worth it! It's a great movie, and does a super job of depicting some of the changes that feminism has brought to our world...ever since John Knox wrote his 'First Blast' booklet. Yeah for John Knox and yeah for the producers of this thought provoking movie!” – Sally Anne, Eastern Washington

“A must for all Biblical inerrantists … this was honestly a breath of fresh air for me! This topic should be standard curriculum along with all other apologetics material. … As a young person myself I think it's time to question the unquestioned compromises!” – Andrew Cs

“This is a great documentary that explains the root of the feminism that has so damaged our culture and nation in the last few generations. … But what really got me going was visiting the public schools and seeing them totally dominated by women. We wonder why our boys are feminized and men have lost a sense of purpose and why our girls are confused over roles and overworked as women. Wonder no more.” – John G. Barbour, Tallahassee, Fla.

“As a Pastor, I find this video as a clarion call for the Church to repent of it's errors in both tolerating and promulgating feminism, and to return to the Biblical mandate of Christian women seeking to follow Romans 12:1-2 and standing against the tide of the world and its ways.” – Michael D. Warriner, Dallas, Ga.

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  • Run time: 54 minutes

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