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The Meaning of Life

by James Rutz

You are about to enter a much larger world where ...

  • The chaotic events of modern life suddenly fit together and make perfect sense.
  • You are able to do things with ease that would normally be impossible.
  • Do you want to know the surprising plot of human history? Do want to know why bad things keep happening to good people like you and how to limit or completely avoid the damage? Do you want solutions to all of the world’s major conflicts? Do you want to find the hidden meanings of numerous strange verses in the Bible?

    Your answers are all waiting for you in this amazing and enlightening book. Do not let this precious knowledge slip away!

    The endless barrage of trouble and suffering on earth becomes part of a larger and more positive picture. In the midst of terrible, terrible evils, hope is taking over.

    Suddenly, "The Meaning of Life" has switched on a spotlight revealing the long-hidden patterns we have all been missing:

  • The mishmash of human history is no longer boring or vague. In these few, crisp pages, history snaps into order, revealing a clear, preset direction of events. Our paths are drenched in destiny.
  • Our little planet was built to very precise, intricate specifications, and the more of these strict requirements we look into, the faster the odds of "life by chance" plummet toward absolute zero.
  • Even some of the most troubling parts of the Bible now align with common sense and shine with a new clarity.
  • Most startling of all, you will discover that you are potentially far more important than you ever imagined. No matter how mundane your life, your every move will now take on more meaning. And that is surprising because the final chapter presents an exhilarating alternative to the ancient institution we fondly know as "the church."

    "The Meaning of Life" is a fresh rethink of everything! This book will get you started in a whole new way on this wonderfully complex planet. Get on board, and you’ll find yourself sharing an adventure with greater power, a freedom you never knew existed and solutions for even your worst long-term problems. Best of all, you’ll find the strong presence of God in these pages!

    Don't miss out on this mesmerizing release of WND columnist James Rutz. You won't be able to put it down!

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