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The Leibovit VR Gold Letter (Annual Subscription)

Leibovit VR Gold Letter

The gold and silver markets have entered a once-in-a-lifetime period of opportunity. Thanks to the wildly irresponsible spending practices of most governments, the world's economic, financial and monetary systems are disintegrating. Yet as they fall, gold and silver – for thousands of years the world's only true money, untouchable and un-inflatable by governments – will continue to rise. Over the next 20 years, some experts see gold rising as high as $11,000 an ounce! And silver is likewise expected to take a wild ride upward.

You already know much of this. The real question is: What's the best time to buy and sell precious metals?

Meet Mark Leibovit, author of the "Leibovit VR Gold Letter." Of all the traders, researchers and analysts in the field, few know more about the gold market than Leibovit: Timer Digest named him the No. 1 gold market timer for the 12-month period ending August 2011. He was also ranked the No. 1 gold market timer for the 5-year period ending in 2010 and the No. 1 intermediate stock market timer for the 10-year period ending 2007.

Mark Leibovit’s extensive television profile includes seven years as a consultant "Elf" on Louis Rukeyser’s "Wall Street Week" and over 30 years as a "Market Monitor" guest for PBS’s "The Nightly Business Report." He has also appeared on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg and others, and been interviewed in Barron’s, Business Week, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

The "Leibovit VR Gold Letter" is designed to help you make profits in the precious metals market and increase your wealth by utilizing the current volatility in the markets. After all, bullion has risen almost six-fold from a two-decade low in 1999, while the Dollar Index fell 35 percent since the end of 2001.

Make more money in precious metals by using volatility to your advantage.

Mark Leibovit shares with you when it’s the most advantageous time to buy physical gold and silver, when to take profits, which ETFs and metals-mining shares are poised for a move and when to hedge volatility. He says the truth of the action can be ascertained by studying various inflows and outflows of technical volume indicators – and most specifically his proprietary VR Indicator.

The Leibovit Volume Reversal (VR) Indicator was designed to identify when the big institutions and banks are buying. In the "Leibovit VR Gold Letter," Leibovit shares his forecast for the long, mid- and short-term direction of the metals and anticipates market volatility and corrections.

For three decades, Leibovit has alerted traders, managers and investors to short- and mid-term trends and reversals, as well as major market reversals. In fact, as discussed in the introduction to Leibovit’s book – "The Trader's Book of Volume" (released last year by McGraw Hill) – the Volume Reversal Indicator has successfully predicted every major market downturn for over 30 years, saving investors from huge potential losses.

The VR Indicator’s claim to fame began back in 1987 when it predicted the ominous stock market crash two months in advance on Louis Rukeyser’s "Wall Street Week." It also forecast the 2000 bear market in February of that year, the "Flash Crash" in 2010 and short- and mid-term market corrections, including the most recent metals correction of 2011.

The "Leibovit VR Gold Letter" is unlike any other gold and silver newsletter in the business. It covers a broad range of gold and silver analysis, separating the news from the noise. Leibovit tends to be a contrarian and his unique take on the markets makes him a leader in the field.

5 best ways to profit in the precious metals market

Today Mark Leibovit’s VR Indicator is blaring an alarm that gold and silver prices are headed much higher long-term. So what’s the best way to profit right now from this bull market in gold and silver? Here are 5 "Gold Letter" portfolio recommendations Mark is now making:

  • GOLD LETTER INVESTMENT #1 … This closed-ended commodity mutual fund splits its investments almost evenly between gold and silver (gold and silver prices move in tandem, historically at a 16:1 ratio). It is the oldest fund of its kind and was formed and domiciled in Canada in November 1961. It currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange. This fund has been Mark’s No. 1 conservative gold and silver play for nearly 10 years, and he has often recommended it on national TV broadcasts.

  • GOLD LETTER INVESTMENT #2 … Physical gold and silver are always Mark’s first choice. When you need the money, the precious metal is portable and will always be in your possession or stored in a place where you can readily access it. A security, by comparison, is basically nothing more than paper. In desperate economic times, you want physical gold and silver, not paper. Instead of bullion bars, Mark Leibovit favors a specific type of coin. Hint: They are not South African Krugerrands.

  • GOLD LETTER INVESTMENT #3 … Company X is Mark’s first choice for a silver mining play. "I have researched this company and am impressed with their management; I have watched them turn a 50-cent stock into a $26 stock in 3 years," says Leibovit. When silver resumes its climb, Company X will be a strong beneficiary and could very well be a buy-out candidate for one of the bigger mining firms seeking greater exposure in silver. Company X owns interests in six different silver mining projects including 22 mining concessions covering over 15,000 acres.

  • GOLD LETTER INVESTMENT #4 … Here’s a great gold investment for those who would rather not hold the physical metal. It’s an ETR – Exchange Traded Receipt – that can be redeemed for physical gold products in the form of 99.99 percent pure gold bars or coins, or cash based on the future gold price or market price of the ETR. Unlike other gold investment products, such as ETFs, the purchaser of an ETR owns the actual gold rather than a unit or share in an entity that owns the gold.

  • GOLD LETTER INVESTMENT #5 … This senior mining company is one of the world’s largest producers of gold. They produce approximately 5.4 million ounces of gold a year and hold probable reserves of about 93.5 million ounces. Rising gold prices have generally boosted the company’s earnings in recent quarters. In April, the company unveiled a plan to base its dividend on the price of gold. They will pay an additional 7.5 cents a share when their realized gold price for the quarter exceeds $1,700 per ounce.

The good news is you will have access to these and all of Mark Leibovit's other informative opinions when you accept a no-risk trial to the "Leibovit VR Gold Letter."

How to multiply your profits in the gold and silver markets

Suppose you can buy an ounce of gold bullion for about $1,800. If gold doubles in price and you sell your gold bullion, you make $1,800 on that trade.

But your potential profits are considerably greater than $1,800 when you become a "Leibovit VR Gold Letter" subscriber. Had you bought and sold 10,000 shares of Endeavour Silver following our recommendations, you would have banked $75,300 in 30 months.

But it won’t cost you $75,000 … $7,500 … or even $1,800 to make money in precious metals with the decades-proven VR Indicator. A 1-year subscription to the "Leibovit VR Gold Letter," regularly $1,350, has been specially negotiated for WND readers for just $149! Mark Leibovit has agreed to this steep reduction because he believes you have a right to protect your wealth and that informed investors are what this country needs. So here's what you get:

* "Leibovit VR Gold Letter": Each weekly issue includes Mark Leibovit's trend analysis of the gold and silver markets – including current news in the precious metals and mining stocks, conservative and aggressive portfolio updates, investment recommendations using physical gold, ETFs and mining stocks and forecasts on gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper.

* Email Alerts: Special emails keep you up-to-date on market conditions, changes in the investing environment and new investment opportunities. If there’s anticipation of a correction or a strong buy signal, the "Leibovit VR Gold Letter" bulletin will quickly reach you via email.

* Special Report: "Would You Trust These Men to Govern Our Country?": This free bonus report shows how America's current leadership resembles "The Three Stooges" when it comes to the economy, then goes on to review dozens of different ways to profit using Precious Metals ETF’s that are monitored in the "Leibovit VR Gold Letter."

* Our Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not 100 percent satisfied with the "Leibovit Gold Letter," just let us know within 30 days for a full and prompt refund. The first issue and bonus received are yours to keep free, without further commitment or obligation of any kind. That way, you risk nothing.

PLEASE NOTE: When your Leibovit VR Gold Letter subscription is due to expire, you will receive a renewal notice from us by email. To keep the Leibovit VR Gold Letter coming, do nothing and we’ll renew your subscription automatically for the very special low price of only $149 by charging your credit or debit card. There’s no risk, because if you don’t wish to continue subscribing, just let us know before the renewal date and there will be no charge.

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