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Whistleblower Single Issue - July 2013


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Even before the scandal broke, Americans already hated and feared the IRS. So how much worse could the agency’s reputation get?

Much worse. In May, it was revealed that the nation’s most disliked government agency has been secretly and illegally denying the civil rights of hundreds of conservative and Christian organizations and individuals. Although both the IRS and the White House tried to blame the whole ghastly mess on the poor judgment of a couple of rogue agents in Cincinnati, the truth gradually emerged: The abuse was widespread and officials at the highest levels of government had long been aware – yet had done nothing to stop it. Indeed, IRS employees have testified there is no way such pervasive and egregious abuses could have occurred without direction from above.

The use of the IRS to persecute and suppress a de facto “White House enemies list” – in a manner and scope more serious than anything Richard Nixon even contemplated during the Watergate era – has led many to demand the agency be abolished.

That is the focus of July’s groundbreaking issue of Whistleblower magazine.

In “END THE IRS,” Whistleblower documents – with the help of leaders like U.S. senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann and others – how replacing both the IRS and the current income tax system with a “flat tax” or “fair tax” (national sales tax) would do more for restoring personal liberty, economic vigor and genuine hope to America than almost any other single policy change.

And Congress could do it tomorrow.

“The average working American – poor or rich or in-between – hates and fears the IRS for good reason,” observes author and commentator Michael Reagan, oldest son of President Ronald Reagan. “Able to seize your bank account or house without a court order, able to shut down your business overnight, the IRS is the closest thing to the Gestapo America has ever had.” Even worse, says Reagan, "is the horrible income tax system the IRS is hired to enforce."

All true, says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, but there's an even more important reason to abolish the IRS: “The main reason the IRS exists today is not taxation. After all, income tax revenue could readily be replaced in a revenue-neutral way by means of, let’s say, a national sales tax, which wouldn’t require a Gestapo-like agency to enforce it, or government tentacles reaching into citizens’ most private and personal affairs. Rather, the chief reason the IRS exists is to condition American citizens to be fearful of, and subservient to, their government.”

Highlights of “END THE IRS” include:

  • “Obama’s fear factory” by David Kupelian, on the central role the IRS plays in psychologically conditioning Americans’ submissive attitude toward their government

  • “Department of Intimidation” by Chelsea Schilling, on how today's historic IRS abuse scandal continues to metastasize

  • “Bachmann: Here’s why Obama released the embarrassing IRS bombshell”

  • “IRS exempts terror-tied group, but not the tea party”

  • “How much of what you earn do you get to keep?” A look at “Tax Freedom Day,” revealing that medieval serfs fared better than today’s Americans, tax-wise

  • “What did Obama and the IRS brass discuss?” by Joseph Farah, examining the IRS chief's hundreds of White House visits and showing that sometimes presidents do leave their fingerprints on scandals

  • “IRS tells ministry: You can't talk about faith” by Bob Unruh, in which a revenue agent warns a Christian, “You have to know your boundaries”

  • “The IRS and your health” by Jane M. Orient, M.D., in which the respected doctor clearly explains the scandal-plagued agency’s crucial role in administering Obamacare

  • “Americans deserve the IRS” by Walter E. Williams, who explains that the feared IRS collection agents are just following the orders Congress gives them

  • “Cruz, Paul, Bachmann: Abolish the IRS! No more discrimination, no more intimidation, and no IRS enforcement of Obamacare’”

  • “How to collect taxes in a free country” by Art Moore, a look at the top alternatives to today’s progressive income tax

  • “The IRS’s job is to violate our liberties” by Rep. Ron Paul

  • “The smoking gun in plain sight” by Herbert E. Meyer, in which the Reagan-era CIA official explains Obama’s modus operandi

  • “Who’s required to pay income taxes?” by Julie Foster, a fascinating political and legal history of the 16th Amendment

  • “Tips for right-wingers on the IRS scandal” by Ann Coulter, who asks why the left has such a problem showing examples of liberal groups also harassed by the agency

  • “How to fix IRS corruption” by Matt Barber, on one way to force the out-of-control revenue agency to act constitutionally

  • “Abolish the corporate income tax!” by Patrick J. Buchanan, on the many benefits of ending America’s 35 percent penalty on businesses

  • “IRS corruption: How to fight back” by Christopher Monckton, in which the former adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher tells why he has had success battling Britain's tax collector

“Fear of government has always been a sign of tyranny," says Kupelian. "Totalitarian regimes, from North Korea to Iran and every wretched police state in between, operate entirely on this principle of fear. So why should we, supposedly a free people, intentionally infect our entire population with the virus of fear of government? Is this something our Founding Fathers would have condoned?”

"It’s time to abolish the IRS," answers Cruz, who vows to lead the charge in the Senate. "We need to get rid of the army of IRS agents trying to police every aspect of our lives. No more discrimination, no more intimidation, and no IRS enforcement of Obamacare."

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