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May 2015 – FAITH CRIMES: How courageous Christians practicing their religion are being persecuted in Obama’s America

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The rising persecution of Christians worldwide is, of course, one of today’s most heart-wrenching and consequential trends, with daily reports of Christian believers being murdered, tortured, kidnapped, raped or sold into slavery.

But there is another story of growing Christian persecution, which – if not as terrible in scale and severity – is even more inexplicable. That is the rapidly expanding marginalization, demonization and criminalization of the free practice of the Christian faith in the United States of America – a nation uniquely founded upon religious liberty.

This disturbing trend is the focus of the blockbuster May issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "FAITH CRIMES."

The issue's subtitle tells the whole story: "How courageous Christians practicing their religion are being persecuted in Obama’s America."

While Christian persecution around the world is perpetrated primarily by Muslims and communists, in America the persecution is driven by a seemingly odd and improbable source: homosexuality, and the influential activist movement that has grown up around it.

Today, that movement has become the spear-tip with which the far left is finally achieving its longtime goal of attacking, intimidating – indeed, legally prohibiting – the free exercise of religion in America.

Legislation currently sweeping the country outlaws counseling help for minors who want to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions; decrees that boys and young men must be allowed to use girls' restrooms and locker rooms if they claim to identify with the opposite sex (and vice versa); mandates pro-homosexual indoctrination of children as young as five; requires the integration of open homosexuals into the military; forces same-sex marriage on the nation; and, perhaps most disturbingly, criminalizes Christian businesspeople for simply opposing homosexuality or same-sex marriage on moral and religious grounds. Should the Supreme Court mandate homosexual marriage throughout the nation, say experts, the persecution will increase exponentially.

"Many thought same-sex marriage would be the crowning achievement of the gay rights juggernaut," says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian. "But then, suddenly, the focus shifted to 'transgender rights,' with Time magazine’s 'Transgender Tipping Point' issue announcing 'America's next civil rights frontier' and Vice President Joe Biden declaring transgender discrimination 'the civil rights issue of our time.'"

Adds Kupelian: "The secret of this never-ending, always-expanding revolutionary movement is that it has the full support of the far left. Not because the left particularly loves people who are homosexual, bisexual and transgender for themselves, but because finally the left has found its weapon, with which – as it has dreamed of doing for decades – it can effectively attack, marginalize, demonize and criminalize its greatest enemy: the Christian religion."

Highlights of Whistleblower's "FAITH CRIMES" issue include:

  • "Faith crimes: Why Christians are being persecuted in Obama’s America" by David Kupelian

  • "Indiana meets the Borg: How LGBT 'cultural Marxists' are gaining control of businesses" by Scott Lively

  • "Dobson: Christians soon to be 'hated minority'" by Bob Unruh, on experts issuing dire warnings regarding the Supreme Court’s "marriage" decision

  • "The criminalization of Christianity in America" by Joseph Farah, who shows how immigrants used to flee religious persecution and flock to the U.S. – but now it’s here too!

  • "Pagan fury against a pizza parlor: Turning a Christian-owned business into a 'face of hate,' by Robert Knight

  • "Communists join attack on Americans’ religious freedom" by Paul Kengor, on how same-sex marriage offers a sledgehammer for destroying the family, marriage and faith

  • "Obama's morally confused prayer breakfast lecture" by David Limbaugh, on the president's penchant for demonizing Christianity

  • "Obama takes swipe at Christians again"

  • "How about a campus 'safe place' for Christians?" by Phyllis Schlafly, on progressives' efforts to shield college students from "scary" free speech with cookies and Play-doh

  • "Haters' end goal: Wipe out Christianity in America" by Star Parker, who says today's "homosexual campaign is not about freedom," but about "de-legitimization and annihilation" of the nation’s founding faith

  • "Christians' long retreat in the culture war" by Patrick Buchanan, who surveys the modern culture war and concludes: "Thus does biblical truth become bigotry in Obama’s America"

  • "Franklin Graham decries 'anti-Christian bias' in America"

  • "Crackdown on Christians triggers exodus from military: 'They're starting to wonder, is this going to be a place where I'm tolerated?'" by Greg Corombos

  • "First Amendment at stake in same-sex marriage case" by Cliff Kincaid, on ominous warnings spelling out dire threats to America's system of self-government

  • "Rush Limbaugh: 'Anti-Christians' aren’t new, but are feeling 'totally confident' now"

  • "Battering religious freedom with abortion: The ACLU mounts another attack on Catholics’ pro-life stance" by Robert Knight

  • "Hillary: We must change the 'religious beliefs' of the nation"

  • "Republicans cower before 'Big Gay Media'" by Cliff Kincaid, on how the LGBT movement transformed from a request for tolerance into a drive for cultural conquest

  • "'Gay marriage' activists target archbishop: 'We can expect increasing pressure on Christian leaders who hold to biblical morality'"

  • "Puffed-up leftist tyranny punishes dissenters: Freedom of thought and religious expression are at stake" by David Limbaugh

  • "Christians go on offense: 'This president is escalating his attacks on our freedom of religion'" by Bob Unruh

  • "War declared on Christians: What'll you do?" by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who says: "With the exception of a handful of Republicans, our House and Senate are AWOL"

  • "Time for left and right to join in 'torch-and-pitchfork' protest" by Scott Lively, who says what the elites fear most is authentic populism

Despite the ever-more-outrageous overreach of the LGBT movement (i.e. three-year-old children now being required to sign a contract promising they won't use 'transphobic language' in nursery school), ironically, "gay rights" is the one issue almost everybody is afraid to confront.

"Like Voldemort, the arch-villain so feared by everyone in the 'Harry Potter' stories that they 'dare not speak his name,' almost no one – not Democrats, not Republicans, not Libertarians, not the media, not even most churches – dares speak openly about it," says Kupelian.

"Whistleblower, of course, didn’t get the 'fear memo,'" he adds, "and thus tells the whole incredible story in this issue."

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