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WND WEEKLY - Month to Month (Digital)

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Get "The Tea Party Manifesto" and "Taking America Back" both autographed by Joseph Farah absolutely FREE when you purchase a month-to-month subscription to WND WEEKLY!


“WND can be quite overwhelming during the busy workday," says Elizabeth Farah, publisher of WND WEEKLY. "Even I can't read everything on the front page, Commentary, Money section, Diversions page and listen to and watch all the audio and video content available daily on WND TV and WND Radio. Now there's a solution. It hearkens back to the tradition of a Sunday newspaper that could be read leisurely -- on your schedule."


WND WEEKLY is simply an easier and more convenient way to digest the news. You can download when you want, as often as you want. It doesn't go away the next day -- leaving you frantically searching for headlines you previously glanced but didn't have time to open. It is nothing less than a "total news package" delivered to you every week -- as impressive as any currently available in the marketplace. Each issue is around 300 pages and includes everything you've come to expect in WND, but carefully packaged and beautifully illustrated for maximum impact and comprehension.


"It's also an entertaining package," says Farah, "complete with jokes, cartoons, crossword puzzles -- features that tend to get lost amid the hectic work week. You can take your time with WND WEEKLY.


That's what it is intended to allow. It's yours -- for keeps. It won't vanish into the ether and need to be reassembled with keyword searches scanning tens of thousands of articles from the past."


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