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On the Firing Line: Essays in the Defense of Liberty

Does Gun Control Work? Can It Work?

- How do we keep guns out of the wrong hands?
- What kind of right does the Second Amendment protect – individual or collective?
- What has happened where gun control has been tried?

These probing questions – along with hundreds of others – are addressed honestly and forthrightly in Larry Pratt's "On the Firing Line." This book is a collection of columns and articles written over the past several years – essays addressing relevant issues that are still being debated today.

As most critical thinkers know, the real debate over guns is not about guns. The debate is really about control – who (or what) will control the lives of private citizens? Will it be the individuals themselves? Or will it be the government?

This mammoth (327 pages of text) collection of thought-provoking essays will help equip those who are eager to preserve individual liberty and those who want to arm themselves with rational and coherent information.

And even though the focus of these essays is firearms, virtually every single one of them touches on a wide range of other freedom-related issues.

Softcover: 327 pages.

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