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Follow Me The Yoni Netanyahu Story (DVD)

Ari Daniel Pinchot Film

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Release Date: December 4, 2012

July 4, 1976. Entebbe, Uganda.

Israeli commandos race from their airplanes covered by the midnight darkness.

They approach a nondescript airline terminal and burst inside, killing seven terrorists. Helpless and shocked, 103 hostages lift their heads and gratefully weep at the mesmerizing sight of their saviors.

During the mission, shots ring out in the night – and a sharp cry for help is heard. That cry would become the cry of an entire country, mourning the loss of its heroic native son ....

Thirty-year-old Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu has been shot dead.

Yoni Netanyahu was a complex, passionate individual thrust into defending his country in a time of war and violence. The older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Israeli prime minister, Yoni led the miraculous raid on Entebbe in 1976. Although almost all of the Entebbe hostages were saved, Yoni was the lone military fatality – leaving behind a grief-stricken family and nation.

Featuring interviews with three Israeli prime ministers and Yoni’s ex-wife (for the first time on film), plus recently released audio from the Entebbe operation itself. "Follow Me" brings a rare portrait of Israel’s elite soldiers and their greatest hero to the big screen.


  • Best Documentary Feature - Palm Beach International Film Festival 2012
  • Best of the Fest - Palm Springs International Film Festival 2012
  • Best of the Fest - Charleston Film Festival 2012
  • Best Documentary - Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival 2012

Editorial Reviews

Libertas Film Magazine

"Yoni Netanyahu was born to lead. An ardent Israeli patriot, he had the look of a man of action. Netanyahu was the oldest of three brothers, indeed including Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the current Israeli Prime Minister, whom Obama and Sarkozy consider so gauche for being, you know, so Israeli. The family was always quite close, frequently writing back and forth while the eldest brother of destiny studied in America.

"Thanks to a wealth of surviving letters, Netanyahu’s voice comes through loud and clear in Follow. In fact, the film is most successful conveying a sense of what it was like to come of age and start a new life as a young man at a time when Israel was under constant threat of attack from her belligerent neighbors.

"In addition to brother Benjamin, two former Prime Ministers, Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak, also sat for on-camera interviews, which speaks volumes about Netanyahu’s significance to his countrymen. Yet, without question, some of the most insightful and moving remembrances come from his comrades-in-arms.

"Unless viewers truly have hatred in their hearts, there are episodes in Follow that will definitely choke them up. Years later, Netanyahu’s family and loved ones still clearly feel his loss acutely." – Joe Bendel

The Charlotte Observer

"Yoni Netanyahu hated war but loved his country. He led the seemingly impossible but successful Raid on Entebbe but tragically became the only Israeli casualty. Told partly through his own letters and poetry, this compelling documentary unveils his complex character by allowing us to see beyond his tough exterior into a deep inner personality where heroism, duty, love, turmoil and doubt raged. His writings describe with striking clarity the exhilaration and fear he faced during the crossroads of his short but fascinating life and the recognition of his human frailty. Nevertheless, Yonatan Netanyahu dared to make a difference, and he is a true modern day hero."

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  • Run Time: 87 Min.
  • Language: English
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