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E-Book General Information

Thank you for choosing WND Digital e-books!

General questions:

Why should I buy WND Digital e-books?

Why are WND Digital e-books "DRM-Free?"

"How-to" questions about buying and reading e-books:

What exactly do I get when I buy an e-book from the WND Superstore?

What are the first things I need to know about how to read e-books?

How can I read e-books on computers and handheld devices?

How can I read WND Digital e-books on the Kindle and Kindle app?

How can I read WND Digital e-books on PC and Mac computers (including the Calibre book management program)?

How can I read WND Digital e-books on iPhones and iPads?

How can I read WND Digital e-books on Android devices?

Where can I find more resources and information about using e-books?

Why buy WND Digital e-books?

WND Superstore
  • Match or beat the big stores' prices on nearly every e-book.
  • Sells only DRM-free e-books, so you can easily read them on any reading device.
  • When you buy from the WND Superstore, you support WND's work bringing the truth to light.
"Big box" online retailers
  • No price advantage on digital books.
  • Sell you books with significant DRM restrictions limiting how you can read them.
  • When you send them money you are supporting the causes they support.

Why are WND Digital e-books "DRM-free?"

DRM is the abbreviation for Digital Rights Management, which is "copy protection" that limits how an e-book can be used. If often means you can only read the book you have purchased on specific devices and in certain conditions, such as when you are connected to the Internet, and that the behavior of your computer, tablet or phone is being monitored at all times in order for you to have access to the book.

At WND, we respect our customers' right to have unfettered access to published works they have purchased. We have no desire to monitor their reading habits. We admit to a bias going back at least to the time of Gutenberg that a goal of publishing is to make it easier for more people to read what someone has written.
  • Once you download a WND Digital e-book, it's yours to keep. You can read it anytime, whether you're connected to the Internet or not.
  • You can put the book on each of your reading devices, so it'll be with you if you are at home or elsewhere.
  • We don't hobble you with built-in restrictions or require your computer, tablet or phone to "check in" with a service monitoring your usage.
  • And when you get a new computer or handheld you don't need to get our permission to use it to read the book you already own.
  • No software is installed on your computer. When you buy the book, all you get is the book.

Some publishers require DRM on their books, and when we add such products to the Superstore we will include instructions on how you can most easily read those books.

But when you purchase a WND Digital e-book, you don't surrender your right to enjoy it wherever, whenever and however you want to read it.

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