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The Essentials (Bundle)

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Take advantage of our best deal of the year! Includes three of our most popular books.

Bundle includes:

•"Stop the Presses!" by Joseph Farah

•"The Marketing of Evil" by David Kupelian

•"Taking America Back" by Joseph Farah

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Stop the Presses!
"Stop the presses!" You've heard newspaper editors shout that phrase in old movies. Joseph Farah was never a newspaper editor in the movies – he was one in real life. But he no longer works with ink, presses and newsprint.

A decade ago, Farah founded WorldNetDaily.com (WND.com) and became a pioneer on the New Media frontier. Today WND.com is the largest independent news service on the Internet. "Stop the Presses!" is not just Farah's story, but that of a new wave of media superstars who have forever changed the way Americans get their news and express their views.

The Marketing of Evil
David Kupelian's blockbuster book shows how brilliant marketers have "perfumed, packaged and gift-wrapped" every form of self-destructive belief and behavior imaginable and sold it to Americans.

Taking America Back
"Taking America Back" is a blueprint for “reclaiming” America, piece by piece, one day at a time, one battle at a time. It’s time for radical, revolutionary action on the part of all who are brave enough to look reality in the face and do something – now – to protect the time-honored values and first principles that made America great.

NOTE: Purchasing "The Essentials Bundle" from WND's online store also qualifies you to receive three FREE issues of WND's acclaimed monthly print magazine, Whistleblower. Watch for the FREE offer during checkout.

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