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What's the Matter With California? (Hardcover)

By Jack Cashill

There’s an unspoken fault line in California. No, not the San Andreas Fault nor any of the geologic ones we all know about. This fault line is cultural – formed by the waves of ethnic and social groups that have rammed will-nilly into California and now refuse to get along. Californians today worry about “The Big One,” but it’s a cultural cataclysm they – and the rest of us – should fear.

When WND columnist Jack Cashill was skewered along with Kansas (despite the fact that he lives in Missouri) in Thomas Frank’s New York Times bestseller, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” (a Marxist hit on red-state America), he decided to fight back with a riposte from the heart … an honest, biting and wickedly funny look at what’s wrong with the purplest of blue states: almighty California itself.

The media moguls, multiculturalists, union bosses and eco-warriors who run California have abandoned liberalism for total insanity. They have transformed the Golden State from America’s future into America’s Rome. Spectacularly sybaritic and self-indulgent, overtaxed and overregulated, California lives on past glories, and even Conan the Republican cannot muster the will to defend its borders.

Now, finally, Jack Cashill is here to rally the right-thinking citizens of the state (and the nation) and rescue this gorgeous chunk of real estate from its increasingly shaky future.

A Ph.D. in American studies, Cashill centers his book on the habitat of Thomas Frank: California. In this intriguing look at the Golden State, Cashill recounts how numerous cultural habitats have collided in this state’s history. This collision of ethnic groups, from the “red-Rainbow rift” to the fight for property and land, is widespread.

The traditional values of family, nation and faith that once held the state together in harmony have been replaced. Since 1962, “forward thinkers” and “progressives” have been steadily chipping away at these ideals – and have reduced the state to the brink of mayhem.

Cashill applies his wit and insight to the quirks and corruptions of California’s culture. From commentary on tax revolts and cultural effects on family to Hollywood’s influence on divorce rates, Cashill’s views are impeccable and eye-opening.

Finally, offering encouragement that not all is lost for California, he explains the need for a genuine Third Great Awakening and shows how we can do it.

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  • Hardcover: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Threshold Editions (October 2, 2007)
  • ISBN: 1416531025
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6.2 x 1.4 inches

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